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Lexington Pasta Debuts Website to reach out to Nationwide Culinary Enthusiasts

Local pasta spread their love of pasta by making their favorite culinary treat available for shipping statewide

Lexington, Kentucky – Lexington based pasta maker, Lexington Pasta, brings its culinary expertise throughout the country by launching In addition to customers, the provider also sells its pasta based products to grocery stores and restaurants on wholesale rates.

Lexington Pasta is the brainchild of former Chef at Sullivan University, Reinaldo and MBA graduate Lesme. United with their Italian heritage and passion for pasta, the friends set out to bring the flavors of Italy to Kentucky. Both Lesme and Reinaldo have been making fresh pasta for the residents of Lexington since 2009.

A spokesperson from Lexington Pasta had this to say when asked about the launch of the provider’s website, “We wanted to bring the same flavors from Little Italy that made us fall in love with pasta. And there is nothing that a family likes more than pasta that is homemade. You can’t get the same flavor from store bought products. If a little town like Lexington raves about it, why should the rest of the country miss out? Now customers throughout the country can place their orders online and have the same experience.”

The spokesperson attributes the pasta maker’s success with the friends’ insistence of providing customers with nothing but the freshest pasta. In addition, the pasta is also homemade and never used after seven days. The website allows customers to place their orders and have them delivered to them anywhere in the states. Customers can have their pick from a range of pasta in the categories of long pasta, short pasta, gnocchi and ravioli.

According to the website, customers whose orders come up to $50 or more can have them delivered at their doorstep for free. Their products can be found in various stores in Kentucky. In addition to providing customers, stores and restaurants with homemade pasta based products, allows visitors to order gift certificates and get them delivered to the recipients of their choice online. The gift certificates are customized according to the gender of the recipients, for general purposes and for celebrations like Christmas.

About Lexington Pasta

Lexington Pasta is a Kentucky based pasta provider that specializes in delivering fresh homemade pasta products to restaurants, customers and grocery stores alike. The company and its new website were created by friends Lesme and Reinaldo. The dream to make fresh pasta products available to families in the country was made a reality with Reinaldo’s background in the culinary arts and Lesme’s experiences in business, sales and marketing. The service agrees to ship any order throughout the country. Their flat rate shipping comes up to $9.99. Some of the products that customers can order from the website include chicken prosciutto ravioli, caprese, potato and 3 cheese spinach stuffed gnocchi and more.

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